Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Life in the fast lane sometimes isnt so fast

SO I JUST GOT WORD TODAY NO HORNS ON THE NEXT THREE TV SHOWS TO BE FILMED IN NY. I guess to much money to fly the horns out. I was disappointed at first but I thought maybe God has something planned for me while the band is out. I will try really hard to get my production thing going again. It seems hard to stay a float with it. I keep trying to shop my stuff to different artist but I have yet to find that serious artist that Im looking for. Someone that is down to be apart of my team. Someone that I can trust to send a track and get something written to it. Maybe its my approach maybe I need to be more gunhoe about it. I need to also get my studio straight at the crib. There are a lot of excuses not to work hard and only faith to keep me going. Faith is what has brought me this far. I hope I can get someone to listen to my music soon.

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  1. Hey Lamar,
    I hope things have picked up for you since your last post. I can't imagine having all your talent and having to wait to express it to the fullest. One thing you must remember though, in all things put God first. Don't get discouraged, stay focused and, be patient because your time WILL come. In the meantime help others.

    Lady Dotty