Thursday, December 24, 2009

This is Us on the Ellen Show

Hey this is the second half to the last blog. This us on Ellen. They gave away free 42inch tvs that day but no luck for the band. Anyway it was fun. Between rehearsal and taping we went to Robins dads house to play basketball. I got schooled in 21. Its been awhile since I played bball. I did block one of Robins shots but other than that he is fast as hell and is a good shooter. Basically Ive decided to get a basketball and get my skills up. Also LB is another fast player and a good shooter. Anyway enjoy this clip!!!

We where on Ellen and Conan

Hey all!! This blog is gonna be in two parts. Im sure the blog will be extra hard to manage if I add to video clips on it. So the first one I will add is the Conan O'Brien clip of Sex Therapy we did a few days go. Unlike a previous blog where I mentioned that you guys would not see me or the rest of the horns on the upcoming Robin Thicke TV appereances, things changed. The morning of the Ellen taping I kept getting txt messages breafing the band on the schedule of taping. For some reason something told me to call the tour manager. I did he said no Robin once you guys on to come out just in case. Next thing I know we make up a part and now we are on the show. GOOD LOOKS ROBIN!!! Lord knows I need the money and the exposure. Anyway, take a look at us on Conan!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lemars remix of Itis on JBIII remix album

GREAT NEWS!!!! I had done another post a week ago about a track I did for a friend of mine named Jesse Boykins III. The good news is he just released a remix album in which he added my song to the list of amazing remixes done by many great up and coming producers. If you would like to hear the track I did for him u can go to the post I did a few days ago titled "Itis". If you would like to hear my track plus all the other remixes u can download the album FOR FREE!!!!!!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

After Party at Butter in NY

Yo whats up yall. THE ALBUM RELEASE/AFTERPARTY WAS SUPER DOPE. Ya boy got to mingle with the likes of Jay Z, Beyonce, John Ledgen, and many industry cats. This is the blessing I have been truly looking for in regards to my production career. Im happy to say that I left that night with far less business cards then I walked in with. I hope you all keep praying for me. Nicki Minaj Blazed it. It was an honor to perform on the same stage with her. She is also a really nice person. Look out for your boy on the New Years Eve Dick Clark show. We will be performing Diamonds on there.

Blessings to you all

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Yo whats up my people. So I recently did a remix for a friend of mine who is a very talented artist. Ive been Knowing this cat for a few years now. I met him while in school at the New School in NY. Im really excited about how the track came out. I wanted to take everything mainstream and flip it so that it still had groove but still had an out vibe to it. I hope you guy enjoy it. I would also suggest that if you havent checked out his stuff go ahead and look him up. I hope you guys enjoy this remix and I would greatly appreciate comments and feedback.