Friday, October 14, 2011


Hey everyone. This post is to set the record straight. I DID NOT! DID NOT!! Leak that session. That 2 year old post was set to private and was only for the eyes of my family to keep them in the loop of my career. I have had some problems with my email account being hacked and believe that someone has been able to publish that material. Once again I IN NO WAY LEAKED THAT VIDEO TO ANY BLOG SITE OF ANY KIND.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Enhancements & Updates

As most of you may, or may not know already, I've opened my own studio in Hollywood, CA. Entitled "the Sewing Room."

Now as a business owner, I spend a great deal of time here sewing many top notch tracks together and creating good, quality music for local acts and industry stars.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Ok Ok!!! I havent Posted in along time. This Is just a post that will explain that I will be posting more. Sorry I didnt get to post all the little stories about the last tour. It wasnt much to talk about. The tour was ok!!! Its funny being on the road with the same people will lead you to really dislike each other sometimes. I struggled with if I should speak of this or not. I enjoy everyone in the band and I have a lot of fun, dont get me wrong. But we all know what its like not being able to get home for a month and not being able to get away. Anyway I might try to summarize everything.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'll Start in Barbados

Hey all. Sorry for the lack up updates. Ive been busy. I promised myself I would start off where I left off. So, BARBADOS!!!! Awesome!!!! It was a pretty good trip. Whenever we have a gig on an island spirits are high. We love performing everywhere, dont get me wrong, but when its time to leave the bad weather and go put on some shorts and relax by the beach, no one can complain. So while in route I start hearing these rumors about Robin wanting us all to go out and jet ski. The rest of the time people were going around asking each other if they were gonna go. So I had never been Jet Skiing before so I welcomed the idea of going. I ended up going and having a lot of fun. It has sparked a new interest for me to get my own jet ski's and keep with it. Funny thing though, no one told me when you get air time on your jet skis and you land its not a soft landing and I ended up landing clean on my "JUNK" so after I semi blacked out for awhile from the pain, I started up again and this time I tried to brace for impact and was able to enjoy the rest of the time. Oh yeah I ran out of gas on the way back and was left by Dags and LB but then they came back and I putted all the way back to shore. After that we rushed back to the hotel to get changed and get ready to go to the venue. HURRY UP AND WAIT!!!! SUPER ISLAND TIME!! We ended up going on about 3 or 4 hours later than scheduled. Best part of the night was getting the show shutdown by the police. We went over curfew. As we were doing Milli I see a Police officer walk across the stage to the other side to tell the sound man to turn the system off or he would arrest him. Other than that I got to jam with one of the most amazing singers in the world LALAH HATHAWAY, and she liked the way I played and was like trying to make sure she got my info which is a great look. We talked about 10 to 20mins about Jazz. Anyway that was the barbados trip summary. As you can see a lot of things happened on this trip for me. I thank all my bloggers on here for following me. It makes me want to keep with it and try to add more videos and pics.

Everyone stay Blessed

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Life in the fast lane sometimes isnt so fast

SO I JUST GOT WORD TODAY NO HORNS ON THE NEXT THREE TV SHOWS TO BE FILMED IN NY. I guess to much money to fly the horns out. I was disappointed at first but I thought maybe God has something planned for me while the band is out. I will try really hard to get my production thing going again. It seems hard to stay a float with it. I keep trying to shop my stuff to different artist but I have yet to find that serious artist that Im looking for. Someone that is down to be apart of my team. Someone that I can trust to send a track and get something written to it. Maybe its my approach maybe I need to be more gunhoe about it. I need to also get my studio straight at the crib. There are a lot of excuses not to work hard and only faith to keep me going. Faith is what has brought me this far. I hope I can get someone to listen to my music soon.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

This is Us on the Ellen Show

Hey this is the second half to the last blog. This us on Ellen. They gave away free 42inch tvs that day but no luck for the band. Anyway it was fun. Between rehearsal and taping we went to Robins dads house to play basketball. I got schooled in 21. Its been awhile since I played bball. I did block one of Robins shots but other than that he is fast as hell and is a good shooter. Basically Ive decided to get a basketball and get my skills up. Also LB is another fast player and a good shooter. Anyway enjoy this clip!!!

We where on Ellen and Conan

Hey all!! This blog is gonna be in two parts. Im sure the blog will be extra hard to manage if I add to video clips on it. So the first one I will add is the Conan O'Brien clip of Sex Therapy we did a few days go. Unlike a previous blog where I mentioned that you guys would not see me or the rest of the horns on the upcoming Robin Thicke TV appereances, things changed. The morning of the Ellen taping I kept getting txt messages breafing the band on the schedule of taping. For some reason something told me to call the tour manager. I did he said no Robin once you guys on to come out just in case. Next thing I know we make up a part and now we are on the show. GOOD LOOKS ROBIN!!! Lord knows I need the money and the exposure. Anyway, take a look at us on Conan!!!