Thursday, December 24, 2009

We where on Ellen and Conan

Hey all!! This blog is gonna be in two parts. Im sure the blog will be extra hard to manage if I add to video clips on it. So the first one I will add is the Conan O'Brien clip of Sex Therapy we did a few days go. Unlike a previous blog where I mentioned that you guys would not see me or the rest of the horns on the upcoming Robin Thicke TV appereances, things changed. The morning of the Ellen taping I kept getting txt messages breafing the band on the schedule of taping. For some reason something told me to call the tour manager. I did he said no Robin once you guys on to come out just in case. Next thing I know we make up a part and now we are on the show. GOOD LOOKS ROBIN!!! Lord knows I need the money and the exposure. Anyway, take a look at us on Conan!!!

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