Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bout to Start the Next Run

So Im laying here in bed thinking about what I got to do tomorrow. Im gonna start working on the Horn parts for the next Robin Thicke Tour. Just trying to put down a game plan. I think I will go ahead and start with Sex Therapy and then move to the one he got wit Jay Z. Im sure those will be the most important. I must say during these trying times I am blessed to be able to work. I thank god for everything he has done for me. Oh yeah side note I just did this really out remix for my boy Jesse Boykins III. Hopefully he see it fit to post it up on the site. Im pretty proud of it. Its a side of my production I dont normally get to explore. If it aint up soon ill see if he will let me post it up here. Blessings to everyone!!!



  1. Hey Lamar! Great blog. The Thickettes and I can't wait to see you and the rest of the band on the next tour! Take care!

  2. Hello Lamar,
    Just as Chantal wrote, the thicketts (just the fan name we gave ourselves)are looking forward to seeing you guys in concert for the new cd. We think you guys are one of the best bands around.
    Stay real,
    Ms. Dotty

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  4. Great to see you blogging Lamar! I must say the horns add just that great extra...well yeah. Hope you continue having fun in all you do. God Bless