Saturday, November 21, 2009


REHEARSALS START TODAY!! So Im excited we get to learn parts of the new album so the next time you guys see us out there in fan land you will hear some new stuff. Its gonna be nice to be back rehearsing with the guys. Ive been blessed enough to be playing with a great artist and also a great band. I would like to take a few pictures and videos of the rehearsal process so maybe you guys can see a bit of behind the scenes stuff. Im still learning how to use this blog thing so bare with me if I dont know how to post the videos up. Peace till later!!!


  1. "Bare" with you? I think you mean "bear" with you, or maybe you want to give us some "Sex Therapy" too? I'm a bit older than you sweetheart but what the hey... hahahahaha!! Sorry, I couldn't resist, I've got a warped sense of humor and it's a slow day.

  2. cant wait to see the behind the scenes..very excited!