Wednesday, December 16, 2009

After Party at Butter in NY

Yo whats up yall. THE ALBUM RELEASE/AFTERPARTY WAS SUPER DOPE. Ya boy got to mingle with the likes of Jay Z, Beyonce, John Ledgen, and many industry cats. This is the blessing I have been truly looking for in regards to my production career. Im happy to say that I left that night with far less business cards then I walked in with. I hope you all keep praying for me. Nicki Minaj Blazed it. It was an honor to perform on the same stage with her. She is also a really nice person. Look out for your boy on the New Years Eve Dick Clark show. We will be performing Diamonds on there.

Blessings to you all


  1. Great show earlier that night! Love the horns on the new songs

  2. Sounds like fun. I heard the show was great. I can't wait for you guys to come back to DC! Take care!

  3. looks like alot of fun. cant wait for the tour stop in dc!